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April 2: Steven Galloway is a Page Turner. Are You?

We're delighted to welcome Steven Galloway as today's Page Turner Champion. It's a big spring for Steven. 

Click the pic to see Steven's Page Turner pitch.

His new novel The Confabulist -- a story about Harry Houdini and Martin Strauss, the man who killed the great magician (twice) -- is about to be released by Knopf Canada. The book is the follow-up to his widely acclaimed The Cellist of Saravejo, which is The Toronto Public Library's One Book selection for 2014. Still, Steven has time to chair the Creative Writing Program at the University of British Columbia, and to strike back at online hucksters with his inimitable comedic flair. Today, he's here to brandish his comedic sword (or is it a wand?) on behalf of Project Bookmark Canada. Join Steven and become a Page Turner today, and we'll enter your name in a draw to win a hot-off-the-press copy of The Confabulist.