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April 17: Sarah Selecky is a Page Turner. Are You?

Sarah Selecky is the author of the Giller-nominated This Cake is for the Party and is the mastermind behind the inspired and inspiring online creative writing programs Story is a State of Mind and the Story Intensive, which Margaret Atwood calls, "smart, encouraging and practical." Sarah is a Page Turner because she sees Bookmarks as "magical, literary pop-ups" that "belong to all of us." Today, in keeping with Sarah's generous vision, we are offering not only her book as a prize for one lucky donor, but also something to take to heart: a favourite quote, hand-painted by Sarah (you can watch her creating it, below). Hang it over your desk for those challenging writing sessions or any difficult times. And join us: together we can do great things.

We are so lucky to have this organization creating magical literary pop-ups across our country. There are thirteen permanent bookmarks installed so far -- they're in British Columbia, Newfoundland, Ontario and Manitoba. Our donations help Project Bookmark Canada create more.

A Bookmark installation brings a piece of fiction and poetry to unexpected readers, which is neat. But what's more special is that the Bookmark brings the piece of writing home, so the scene can exist in real life, in the very setting that inspired the writing. 

How cool would it be to read our way across Canada? This project really does belong to all of us. 

I donated twenty dollars to Project Bookmark Canada today - and I hope you do, too!