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April 14: Louise Penny is a Page Turner. Are You?

Louise Penny is the author of the widely successful Armand Gamache books, set in the fictional village of Three Pines, in Quebec -- a place that bears some resemblance to the Quebec village where Louise dreams up the adventures of the Chief Inspector. Her books have found an avid audience the world over, and in August her fans will be rewarded with a new book in the series. Today, Louise is introducing her readers to Project Bookmark Canada. Join Louise as a Page Turner today, and you could win a copy of her current book, How the Light Gets In. Enough mystery, here's Louise to tell you about it herself.  

There's this amazing literary initiative in Canada that I'm really excited about, and I wanted to share with you.  It's called Project Bookmark Canada. The idea is to place markers on sites across the country WITH PASSAGES FROM books SET THERE. So that eventually we can zigzag across the nation, visiting places immortalized in our favorite Canadian books.  Isn't that brilliant? All this month they're asking different writers and readers to talk about Project Bookmark Canada and today is my day! We're also encouraging people to donate $20.00, as I've done, to fund the project.

If they do one of my books, I'd suggest this place -- the library of the Literary and Historical Society in Quebec City. Here's my friend Elizabeth sitting on the sofa where Gamache found such peace in Bury Your Dead.  

If you join me and donate today, your name will be entered into a draw to win a copy of How the Light Gets InThis is a wonderful, magical, project and I hope you're as excited about it was I am!