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April 10: Kathleen Winter is a Page Turner. Are You?

Kathleen Winter is fairly bursting with creative output. After a critically acclaimed and twice-honoured short story collection, boYs, her 2010 novel, Annabel, brought her writing to a wider audience. The book was shortlisted for the triple crown of Canadian prizes (Scotiabank Giller, Rogers Writers' Trust and the GG) and also for the Orange Prize. In 2014, it was a contender for CBC Canada Reads. Kathleen has two books arriving this fall -- a short story collection, The Freedom in American Songs and a northern journey memoir called Boundless. 

But wait, there's more. She loves to draw as well as write, and today she brings you her Page Turner appeal in type and in image. Donate $20 to join Kathleen as a Page Turner today, and you could win a copy of Boundless (sent to you, hot off the press, this fall) and -- to tide you over -- one-of-a-kind, hand-tinted copies of her original art, below. So, step up and become a Page Turner, and come along while Kathleen takes you on a writer's journey to collect "the story fragments."

Stories can-can at the Candy-Ass Cabaret....

More stories duck into the umbrella shop

The writer wanders finds and sees...

...finds stories in streets

lit by lonely broken lanterns

until books scatter the streets' flowering secrets.

I have donated the price of a downtown taxi ride to Project Bookmark Canada and I hope you will, too. Project Bookmark Canada gives story fragments back to the places where writers found them. It honours the stories that connect us with each other, and makes the wandering heart unlonely.