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April 29: Gillian Deacon is a Page Turner. Are You?

Gill Deacon -- television broadcaster, environmental writer, host of CBC Toronto's Here & Now -- adds Page Turner to her list of credits. This spring, Gill celebrates the release of her memoir, Naked Imperfection, about learning the joy in not having it all, after a cancer diagnosis. Embrace the possibilities! Become a Page Turner today and you could win Gill's book.

I'm a Project Bookmark Canada Page Turner, are you?

Project Bookmark is such a cool Canadian initiative, carving a permanent spot on land for literary moments that already exist in our imagination and memory. A Bookmark is a place to stop and reflect on the intersection of fiction and real life. I'm so pleased to be part of Project Bookmark as a Page Turner. You can be one too! Donate $20 today, less than you'd spend on your next hardcover, to help map the way for a nation of readers. If you do, you could win a copy of my new book, Naked Imperfection.