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April 15: Max Kerman and the Arkells are Page Turners. Are You?

Hamilton Ontario's Arkells have two Junos two their name (New Band of the Year in 2010 and Group of the Year in 2012) and in 2011 were voted "Best Live Act" by CBC Radio 3. But though their work is applauded around the country, their references are often Hamilton-based. Even their band name references a street in Hamilton's Westdale, where the band members once lived and played. Obviously a fan of place in stories and song, Max Kerman (vocals/guitar) says that Bookmarks are both "monument and mecca." If you sing along with Max and join the Arkells as Page Turners today, you could win some great band swag. Over to you, Max.

If I'm deeply immersed in any piece of art - a book, song, movie - the first thing I do in the aftermath is research. I'll look up where the creator found their inspiration for this otherworldly thing they've MADE. I read interviews, reviews, wikipedia entries (beware!) to learn about what it took re-imagine the stories and events they've ingested in their own life to recreate for us. 

There is something both mythical and completely humanizing about this process.

It's mythical because as a consumer I remain in awe of a works that I could never produce myself - the talent, imagination and work ethic seems so out of my skill set. 

It's also humanizing because I realize that the creator - as transcendent as they may be - is just a person. The familiarity of the human connection is comforting and inspiring. 

Project Bookmark Canada is the perfect initiative for a researcher like myself. It celebrates Canadian literature by placing commemorative "Bookmarks" in the real-life places where Canada's writers have set their stories. It is a both a monument and a mecca, for celebrators and believers of Canadian literature. 

Arkells donated $20 to Project Bookmark Canada to become Page Turners in support of this wonderful idea. If you donate, you'll be entered to win some of Arkells finest swag and I'll come to your house and read to you before bed. 

-- Max Kerman, Arkells.