May 6th 2016

Visiting the Casa Loma location was a fascinating experience. Before visiting the plaque, I had never been to a city that had Bookmarks. Looking onto the castle, it felt serene reading from the plaque while looking up into the grey sky. I had read the book The Cat and the Wizard as a child, so I couldn’t help but feel nostalgic when reading the passage. The drawing of the castle was just how I remembered it, making the experience even more enjoyable, not to mention the passage that evoked a sense of amusement. I forgot how cute the rhymes were, the zippy pace of the passage making me smile. I hadn’t known much about Dennis Lee, my younger self not researching after reading. However as a teenager, going back to my childhood has made me go back to my old books, looking up the authors. Going back over my childhood books has been an eye-opener, memories flooding into my head once more! I recommend to everyone to go visit a Bookmark near them as it is a fun experience that truly is a blast to the past.

– by Cloé, Project Bookmark Canada volunteer

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