Don Oravec, President of the Board of Project Bookmark Canada 

Don Oravec, President of the Board of Project Bookmark Canada 

Project Bookmark Canada is comprised of highly motivated volunteers and a dedicated and hard-working staff and together they make the Organization matter, on a daily basis.  

I believe it is important to acknowledge the work of these volunteers whenever possible so, with that in mind, today I want to recognise the volunteer work that the board members have achieved in the past year.

Hughena Matheson works on communications with educators (read her article here), and she helped staff our booth at Word on the Street this past fall. She and board member Linda Hughes met with librarians to promote the Organization and they also work to develop and support Reading Circles across the country, from Halifax to Yellowknife.

I also want to recognise Bianca Spence for her communications expertise. She’s also a co-founder of the Women’s March Toronto.

Alma Lee and Anna Ling Kaye are working diligently to make a second bookmark plaque happen on the nation’s west coast, and Anna is also helping to develop a series of Bookmarks that explore emerging and established voices of writers and readers from a variety of communities.

On the east coast, Munju Ravindra was instrumental in establishing our first community host partnership with Parks Canada, resulting in the Hugh MacLennan Bookmark at the Halifax Citadel. Also an east coaster, our outgoing board member Kevin Noel has helped keep the finances on track for the Organization now for several years and we are grateful to him for his work and sad to see his term end on the board of directors.

I am happy to announce the addition of Susan Lightstone to the board of directors. Susan and I were born one month apart in the same hospital in Sarnia, Ontario, and while we didn’t know one another back then we connected when I worked for the Writers’ Trust of Canada and she was a member of the Politics and the Pen committee in Ottawa (a committee that raised money for the Trust). Susan has ‘hit the ground running’ so to speak and is helping us organize fundraisers.

This only serves to ‘skim the surface’ and highlight some of the activities these wonderful volunteers do to make Project Bookmark Canada work. I cannot begin to thank them enough for all they do annually for the Organization. They donate their time, talent and financial gifts to our national charity, founded by Miranda Hill, herself a volunteer extraordinaire with us, and it is a pleasure to work with them. See for more information about these wonderful volunteers! We also want to thank other volunteers, from student filmmakers to researchers, from across the country.

This thing called Project Bookmark Canada is a literary movement that builds Bookmarks bringing writing to life with Bookmarks on the CanLit Trail, coast to coast to coast. We are always looking for more volunteers for the Organization, including board members, student interns and Reading Circle members. If you are interested, please contact Laurie Murphy and we can find a role for you. It would be our pleasure to welcome you to the fold.

Project Bookmark Canada relies on individual donations to do its work. Donate toward undesignated gifts, and help us with our operational costs. Thank you.

— Don Oravec