Photo credit: Christian TW Photography

Photo credit: Christian TW Photography

Set in Hamilton, Ontario, among the fictional family of the Fishers living in the real boathouse community of Cootes Paradise, this novel explores Hamilton in the 1930s, the City Beautiful movement, and considers what it means to live beyond the margins. Winner of the Hamilton Arts Council’s Kerry Schooley Book Award, a new edition of the novel will be published in April by literary press Wolsak and Wynn.

The Fishers of Paradise is Bookmark #16 on Canada’s literary trail. Join us for the unveiling on June 9, 2016 (please note new date!), at 11 a.m., under the second rail bridge along Hamilton’s Desjardins Trail.

Thanks to our partners, The City of Hamilton, Wolsak and Wynn, and The Hamilton Public Library.

I am deeply honoured that The Fishers of Paradise is to be a part of Project Bookmark Canada. The seed for the story came from a photograph of boathouse community kids which I first saw on a plaque along the Waterfront Trail. What a lovely symmetry that this story will now have its own plaque on that same trail.
~ Rachael Preston, author of The Fishers of Paradise
As someone who has to read every sign on every trail I walk, finding Bookmarks is a wonderful treat. They show the stories layered over our landscapes, how the hills and lakes that surround us have worked their way into our imaginations. We are thrilled to have a piece of Rachael Preston’s beautiful story, The Fishers of Paradise, turned into a Bookmark. It will allow anyone who pauses on our waterfront trail a glimpse of Rachael’s vision of the city, one filled with unforgettable characters and forgotten history.
~ Noelle Allen, publisher, Wolsak and Wynn
Hamilton Public Library is proud to partner with Project Bookmark Canada and efforts to celebrate and increase awareness of our nation’s exceptionally talented authors and poets. The impact of Project Bookmark at the community level is tremendous and not only enhances the culture of Hamilton but also the vibrancy of our literary landscape. Kudos to Project Bookmark Canada.
~ Paul Takala, Chief Librarian, Hamilton Public Library
Hamilton literature and libraries transformed my life. The debt our whole community owes to writers, and to readers, is one that we can never fully re-pay. But with Project Bookmark, we have made a small start. It is an honour to support the Project's fabulous vision, in the great outdoor beauty of Ward 1.
~ Aidan Johnson, Councillor for Ward 1, City of Hamilton