For the second year in a row, Canadian readers have contributed to a great Canadian legacy: a national trail of sites and stories, making it possible to read your way across the country.

Your donations of $20 or more will be put to use funding the crucial infrastructure to support our organization’s growing needs as we seek out and create new Bookmark possibilities. But your contributions have more than a dollar value – they help us show potential partners and funders the passionate interest Canadians have in our literature and our public spaces.

We offer a special thanks to all of our Champions too. They are an eclectic and talented group, from poets to gossip columnists – enthusiastic readers, every one. This year, our Page Turner prizes were provided by a record label, a television production company, a music prize, by individual artists with unique, handmade offerings, and by twelve Canadian book publishers. Thanks to this broader support team for chipping in to help make the campaign possible.

Throughout the year, we hope that all of you Page Turners will check in to see the difference your dollars are making. In the meantime, please boast about your participation and spread the word. There is lots of work to be done in building this great Canadian legacy. Thank you for making it happen.

Miranda & the Bookmark team