Steve Jordan knows a thing or two about creating a Canadian cultural legacy. In 2006 he launched the Polaris Music Prize -- an annual award that honours the best full-length Canadian album based on artistic merit, regardless of genre, sales history or professional affiliation. The prize has been awarded to an eclectic list of artists from Feist to Patrick Watson to Karkwa and each year it's at the centre of a lively conversation about how we perceive and appreciate music and artistry in this country. Today, he's here to make a pitch for another new Canadian tradition: Project Bookmark Canada. Drumroll, please....

From the moment the first Bookmark went up on the Prince Edward Viaduct (aka the Bloor viaduct) in Toronto (book reference, Ondaatje, etc.) I thought it was a wonderful and needed idea. We need a sense of place, and our art, literature and music provide this for us by binding us together in ways that no political party ever will. We may not share views on the issues of the day, but stories and songs are common and timeless reminders of where we've been and where we're going. Project Bookmark Canada goes one further and shows us where we are.

That's why I'm a Page Turner, and you should be too. Donate $20 to help create a map of Canada covered with Bookmarks. If you do it today, you could win a hard cover copy of the limited edition program from our most recent Polaris Prize Gala.