We at Project Bookmark Canada are big believers in the philosophy of "what goes around, comes around." And today we bring you a great example of that principle in action, thanks to two generous journalists and Bookmark fans.

Shelagh Rogers of CBC Radio's  The Next Chapter   and journalist, writer and Page Turner winner Christine Fischer Guy.

Shelagh Rogers of CBC Radio's The Next Chapter  and journalist, writer and Page Turner winner Christine Fischer Guy.

Back in April, Bookmark ran an initiative called The Page Turner campaign: 30 prominent Canadian readers giving shoutouts and their support to Project Bookmark Canada, and encouraging their friends and followers to join them. Thanks to those writers and all of our donors, we're building a network of sites and stories so that we can read our way right across Canada.

The campaign was a fabulous success with lots of pitches made and prizes offered, but no prize was more talked about than the chance to turn the tables on Shelagh Rogers, to put one of Canada's consummate interviewers into the guest's chair.

The winner of that Page Turner prize was writer and journalist Christine Fischer Guy. But really, it turns out that we all win, because Shelagh and Christine generously agreed to share that interview with us. So here, as you haven't heard her before, is Shelagh Rogers, talking about her experience as an interviewer, a reader, a witness and a Canadian.  

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