George Murray and Elisabeth de Mariaffi are not just a couple of fabulous writers, they're also a couple. George and Elisabeth are passionate Page Turners too, as you can tell from this Bed-In for Bookmark. Tuck in and join them. 

George and Elisabeth.jpg
Guess what we just did? 

That's right: we each donated $20 to Project Bookmark Canada, a charity that marks the places where real and imagined landscapes meet by placing "Bookmarks" --  text from Canadian stories and poems -- in the exact, physical locations where literary scenes take place. Project Bookmark is hard at work building a network of hundreds of
Bookmarks around the country, so that residents and visitors can read their way across Canada. With 12 Bookmarks already in place -- Michael Ondaatje and Ken Babstock in Toronto, Wayson Choy in Vancouver, Al Pittman in Newfoundland -- the Project needs your donation today to keep on growing. 

What's so special about today? Make a donation now and your name will be entered into a draw to win not one but two Canadian books: 

Glimpse (poems) by George Murray and How To Get Along With Women (stories) by Elisabeth de Mariaffi. That's a whole lot of bedtime reading, in support of a great, national project.