Comic artist Kate Beaton is the author of the hugely popular Hark! A Vagrant! She's made a name for herself merging comics and history--often Canadian history. She is read, admired, awarded and followed by an impressive array of critics and fans. We're thrilled that she's a fan of Project Bookmark Canada, and a Page Turner. Take it away, Kate!


Listen here, Canadians.  Come close.

We write good books, don't we?  I mean, I don't write good books and maybe you don't, but there are people here who do.  And yeah, sure, maybe we get bashful about not being able to come out with a new billion dollar Avengers movie or something every summer like some countries do (not to name names) but when it comes to popular culture that's purely made by Rock Hard Talent, like (and imagine I'm making that rock 'n roll symbol with my fist as I say this) writing stories or creating music or even drawing comics, we puff up our chests and strut around like peacocks all like don't you even try to step up, don't you even try!  High-fiving each other and being jerks about it.

Just making a scene.  

Anyway, merciful Suzuki, we love seeing other Canadians be amazing and talented, we do.

That said!

I have gotten behind a project I think you will like, knowing now that we both have been lying about being humble this whole time and just want to plaster how cool we are all over the place.  Project Bookmark Canada is a charitable organization that has a pretty interesting idea.  Let them explain: 

Project Bookmark Canada marks the places where the real and imagined landscapes meet by placing text from imagined stories and poems in the exact, physical locations where literary scenes take place.

To engage Canadians by placing literal bookmarks at locations where literary events happened?  Amazing!  I love it.  Participating is simple:

You click on this link, and donate $20, and boom!  You're a "Page Turner," as they say.  For every day in April, a new champion will be asking people the same thing.  Today is my day, and I am proud to be a part of it.  If you donate today (April 4), you're also put in a draw to win my book Hark! A Vagrant I'm no Margaret Atwood but who doesn't like free books?  And what were you doing with that $20 anyway?  The last twenty dollars I spent was on a cab ride I could have easily walked.  Sheesh.

Take a look at the twelve bookmarks they've already put up.  Discover places and books you didn't know before.  Share your own favorites.  Be a part of an awesome cerebration of literature!  


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