Andrew Pyper's The Demonologist has been sitting high on the Maclean's bestseller list for four weeks now and is rolling into its second printing in the US. What can we say? It's hot! And it's scaaary. And you can be entered to win a copy, if you dare to donate and become a Page Turner today -- April 3.

We'll let Andrew tell you why that's a good idea.

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I’m a first generation Canadian, the product of a marriage between two Northern Irish immigrants – mom trained as a nurse, dad an eye surgeon – who came to small town Ontario in the 1950s seeking new lives in the New World.  But for my father, all the “new” that Canada offered was sometimes offputting or outright disappointing, and never more than when the young country clung to the old.

Street signs in particular frequently enraged him.  “Why,” he’d bluster, “are all the streets here named after either lakes or dead British generals?”  He recognized the power in naming things, its capacity to build pride and meaningful history (though he’d never use that language to describe this power, being a man of science over metaphor).  It frustrated him – though a loyal monarchist and Brit himself – to see this young country slapping “Trafalgar” and “Piccadilly” and “Oxford” on everything when it could be honouring its own heroes.  It struck him as a head-shakingly missed opportunity.

He was right back then.  And, sadly, he mostly still is.

Project Bookmark is an effort to put our own names on structures and places and sites, and in turn, even more importantly, to open doorways to the narratives and histories and myths behind the names.  Instead of the generals or prime ministers of a foreign country, we ought to be championing our own stories, and there’s no better way to do that than through our nation’s storytellers.

True nationhood is achieved through myth-making, and ours is a nation with a vast potential to create new myths as well as celebrate the ones already out there.  This is what Project Bookmark is up to.  My dad would approve.

Because I want to help build this amazing network of sites and stories, I’ve donated $20 and become a Project Bookmark Canada Page Turner.  I invite everyone who loves this made-in-Canada celebration of stories and spaces to join me, by making a Page Turner donation.

And speaking of stories, here’s an extra-fun part:  If you donate today, April 3, your name will be entered into a draw to win a copy of my latest novel, The Demonologist!