Joseph Boyden: novelist (Three Day Road; the Giller-winning Through Black Spruce; the forthcoming The Orenda) teacher -- homeboy. Today he's hanging with A Tribe Called Red, laying down a few pages from some serious CanLit.* Join Joseph's crew and become a Page Turner today -- you could win a copy of Through Black Spruce. And stay away from the chihuahua. I hear he's vicious. 

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Buddy, can you spare a Bookmark?

I’m not one to beg, so I’m going to only ask this once.  We have a chance to do something special together .  Help us place physical reminders in locations across this country that recognize the writers and especially the worlds they bring to life through the magic of their prose.  How cool is that?  Small monuments to our country’s great literary moments, literally in the places from which the stories bloom. 

I think it’s a brilliant idea, this notion to anchor prose to place.  And so do my home boys from A Tribe Called Red.  Don’t piss them off.  Or me and my Chihuahua, Fritz Friday, for that matter.  Let’s all keep the literary love alive. 

*The Serious CanLit: Bear Witness is reading An Inconvenient Indian, by Thomas King; Budda Blaze is reading Sylvanus Now, by Donna Morrissey; Joseph is readingThis All Happened, by Michael Winter; DJ NDN is reading The Handmaid's Tale, by Margaret Atwood.