Olympian Reid Coolsaet ran the marathon for Canada at London 2012. An 11-time national champion, Reid holds a personal best of 2 hours, 10 minutes and 55 seconds over the 42.2 kilometre distance. And though no one's keeping track, Reid is also a huge reader who has logged a fair amount of pages, along with the kilometres. Team up with Reid and become a Page Turner. Today, there's a special incentive waiting at the finish line. 

Reid at Olympic marathon.JPG

I guess I'm bucking the trend as a Page Turner Champion as I don't have a published book, which gives me a legitimate excuse to keep what I write here short and sweet.

As a professional marathon runner my typical day involves very intense activities followed by deliberate recovery.  One of my favourite ways to relax is to kick my feet up with a book.  Funny thing, I'm currently reading Above All Things by fellow Page Turner Tanis Rideout.  

I often get inspired when I'm running on trails through beautiful forests and surrounded by magnificent scenery. It's interesting to know what inspires writers when they craft their stories and characters. Project Bookmark Canada allows us to physically see and read about these special places by installing a plaque right where the scenes took place. It is a great way to celebrate Canadian authors and the novels/poems which move us.

In order to get the plaques installed I am asking you join me in becoming a Page Turner. How do you become a Page Turner? It's a good thing you asked. Simply donate $20 to Project Bookmark Canada and you will be supporting this wonderful project.  If you donate today (April 27th) you will be eligible, by draw, to win my Team Canada racing singlet from the 2012 Chiba Ekiden in Japan. 

Reid's singlet.JPG