Lauren B. Davis is the author of several books of fiction, including the widely celebrated Our Daily Bread, which was named a Best Book of the Year by both The Boston Globe and The Globe & Mail. Lauren and her husband Ron are long-time supporters of Project Bookmark Canada. It's an idea that makes their eyes light up. Maybe that's because it fits with Lauren's belief in the magic of stories. Bewitched? Become a Page Turner and you could win a copy of Lauren's much anticipated new novel, The Empty Room.

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Books are magic.  As readers we wander for hours (days) in the worlds between the covers, and when we return, lo and behold, the ‘real’ world is also changed because our literary forays have altered our perspective.  We develop our empathy, our imaginations, our curiosity, our knowledge.  Stories are magic, conjuring people and places and events and placing them forever in our minds and hearts.

I’m not telling anything you don’t know.  You’re a reader, right?  You’re a book lover, like me.

So I know you’ll be just as delighted as I am at what Project Bookmark does: they place ceramic plaques with Canadian literary quotations geographically, in the very spot referred to in the text.  So the place in the story becomes the place where you’re standing reading about the place in the story. 

How’s that for some serious metaphysical alchemy?

Coming across one of these plaques – whether it’s the Al Pittman poem about (and at) The Sea Breeze Lounge in Newfoundland, a quote from Wayson Choy’s The Jade Peony in Vancouver, or one from Michael Ondaatje’s In the Skin of the Lion on the Bloor Street Viaduct in Toronto– is a magical surprise.

Such prestidigitation, however, is not created with the wave of a wand.  It takes a little coin.  I’m a Page Turner, and I hope you’ll join me, and be a Page Turner, too.  Here’s how: For a mere $20 donation (or perhaps a little more if you can manage it), which you can make by clicking here and going to the donation page, you’ll not only become a Page Turner, supporting this wonderful (dare I say enchanted) endeavor, but you’ll be entered to win a copy of my brand new novel, THE EMPTY ROOM.  You can learn more about the book by visiting my website