Kevin Sylvester is an award-winning illustrator, writer and broadcaster. He's the creator of the bestselling series The Neil Flambé Capers about a boy chef who solves mysteries. Students across Ontario have awarded two Neil Flambé books as winner or runner up for the Silver Birch awards. Book #3 is currently nominated and Book #4, Neil Flambé and the Tokyo Treasure, is also out. It's clear that Kevin enjoys bringing good ingredients, and good ideas, together. Today, Kevin's here (with a little help from Neil) to tell you why you should become a Page Turner, and help us stir together our space and our stories. Hmmm. Delicious.


Canada’s a big country, so sometimes we take the idea of “space” for granted.

We know how to appreciate wide-open vistas, sweeping plains, majestic mountains ranges. But because we have so much space, we tend to treat the local as disposable.

The farmland is easily converted to subdivisions – or a limestone quarry - because, heck, there are lots of other farms nearby. Old houses and heritage buildings? Bah, let’s build a wider road or monster house.

But the story of the Canadian people is grounded in the particular. Our lives are made up of thousands of memories: the smells of particular city streets; the sway of a special and particular elm; the creak on the fourth step of the ancestral home in the BC Interior.

Project Bookmark Canada gets this. The great people behind this great idea want us to see where great literary events happened, and where we can share in this sense of place. (Yes I wrote “great” three times in one sentence. Get over your humility fellow Canadians, we kick ass as a writing and reading nation!)

But it costs money to honour the places that have celebrated and helped to inspire our greatest writers. And you can help, with just a $20 donation (or more if you have a few extra bucks stashed in the couch cushions).

You just click here and make the donation. If you donate today you get a chance to win the third book in the Neil Flambé Capers, Neil Flambé and the Crusader’s Curse. Heck, I’ll even throw in the pic of Neil in the Project Bookmark t-shirt as an added bonus!

I’m a Page Turner. You should be too. Donate today!

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