Guidelines for Potential Sites and Passages

Blazing the Canadian Literary Trail would not be possible without the support of Canadian readers, the heart of Project Bookmark Canada. Their recommendations of passages from published fiction or poetry set in exact Canadian locations are warmly encouraged and appreciated.

We actively solicit ideas for passages from stories and poems that could be used for future Bookmarks. We’re at work building a deep database of possibilities for the whole country. Every reader can be a resource. When making a suggestion, please be sure to cite not only the author and the book, but the specific passage or poem you think would be suitable (edition and page number are most appreciated).

·       Submit online at, or send the required information via

·       Cite the author and the book

·       Cite the edition and the page numbers relating to the excerpt you are recommending, or if possible, the full excerpt

·       A Bookmarked passage may be up to 500 words and should be effective as an excerpt, but it should also make the reader wonder what came before and what comes next

·       Bookmarks must be from a work of fiction or poetry, published in book form by a recognized publishing company or organization

·       The Bookmarked excerpt must be set in an actual and identified location. The reader must be able to stand in the place where the characters or narrators stand in the story, and relate to the passage

·       Intake dates for suggested Bookmarks are June 30 and December 31, annually

·       Acknowledgement of a submission is made as promptly as possible.

Submitted passages from the general public, as well as from Reading Circles across the country, are reviewed twice yearly by members of the National Bookmark Advisory Committee, representatives from publishing and literary communities and industries. They, in turn, recommend passages for development to the Board.

The Bookmark development process can take anywhere from six months to three years from when a passage is submitted to when a Bookmark is installed and officially launched. The process is to allow time and consideration for the land, author/estate and publisher approvals, as well as a community’s fundraising activities and Bookmark promotions.

Project Bookmark Canada builds 2 – 3 Bookmarks per year on the CanLit Trail, and has many in development.