Bookmark Reading Circles

Across the country, readers are getting together to do what they love — on Bookmark's behalf. Bookmark Reading Circles help build the database of potential passages from fiction and poetry and their corresponding settings so that they may be considered for future Bookmarks. The Circles can be created from existing book clubs, or can come together specifically for the purpose of suggesting potential Bookmarks.

Bookmark Reading Circles may be organized to find potential Bookmarks for a geographic area (Hamilton-Brantford, for example); a genre (poetry, say or mysteries); or focused on a particular author's body of work (like, the stories of Alice Munro). The circles meet regularly to discuss possible Bookmarks (using our guidelines) and pass on their discoveries and suggestions to Bookmark through their group leaders. We love to profile our Bookmark Reading Circles in our newsletters and to encourage the trend to spread around the country.

Get in touch today to start a Bookmark Reading Circle.